Speaker Builder: The Lost Years on CD

  • $29.95

The years 1980, 1985, 1987, and 1989 of Speaker Builder magazine issues in PDF format. Totaling 18 issues.

Table of Contents from 1980 issue 1:

Good News, page 2 Editor’s View, page 6
“The Unobtrusive Stage” by Alan G. Watling, page 8
“An Ambience Reproduction Speaker System” by David L. Clark & Bernhard F. Muller, page 12
“How to Improve That Small, Cheap Speaker” by Paul J. Stamler, page 18
“Diffraction—The True Story”
by Robert C. Kral, page 28
Craftsman’s Corner, James Y. Pann’s Gargan-tuan Speaker System, page 34
Tools, Tips &Techniques,
by Fred Gloeckler, page 35
Mailbox, page 35
Classified, page 36
Ad Index, page 38

Table of Contents from 1989 issue 1:

“A Modest Proposal,”
editorial by Edward T. Dell, Jr., page 9
“M-S Speaker System” by Reid Woodbury, page 10 “A Stereo System Odyssey” by Arthur Brown, page 16 “A T/S Driver Program” by David Long, page 22
“The Cordless Revolution” by Bruce C. Edgar, page 25
“The Third Dimension: Symmetrically Loaded, Part 2” by Jean Margerand, page 27
“Synthetic Sound Foretells Good Listening”
by Leif Ryden, page 36
Craftsman’s Corner, Dual-Chamber Reflex, page 40
Software Review, CACD: Computer-Aided Cross-over Design, reviewed by Bob White, page 42
Tools, Tips & Techniques, by Robert Lewis, Paul Gra-ham, Ron Poelman & Richard Painter, page 50
Technology Watch, by Peter Muxlow, page 52 Mailbox, page 54
Classified, page 66
Ad Index, page 68
Vintage Designs, Wharfedale Airedale, page 69 Pox Humana, by Richard Pierce, page 70

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