Loudspeaker Design Cookbook 8th Edition

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8th Edition

For the first time ever available in Full Color
and a Hardcover Collector's Edition

By Vance Dickason

Vance Dickason's top-selling Loudspeaker Design Cookbook is an essential must-read for serious speaker designers, audio engineers, and anyone looking to master speaker-building technology.


• New Chapter 8 — “Loudspeaker Testing” has been substantially revised and includes specifics on the Fixed Mmd method for calculating cone assembly mass, a more complete definition of acoustic phase, an updated list of computer based TSP (Thiele Small Parameters) measurement hardware, plus a discussion of the various types of loudspeaker measurements and how they relate to driver quality and system design integrity.

• New Chapter 9 — “Computer Based Tools for Loudspeaker Development” has been completely revised to include current offerings of computer based loudspeaker measurement analyzers, as well as loudspeaker enclosure and crossover simulation software.

• New Chapter 10 — “Room Measurement Equipment and Room Correction Solutions”, and includes a survey of room measurement analyzers, plus a discussion on room acoustics, room treatment and digital room correction devices.

• New Chapter 12 — “Home Theater Loudspeakers” and has been extensively revised, including details on Dolby Atmos and Immersive Audio.

• New Chapter 13 — “Studio Monitor Loudspeakers”. This new chapter explores the difference between HIFI loudspeakers and studio monitors, professional criteria for studio monitor design, the constant directivity aspect of studio monitors, and a dissertation on zero phase in studio monitors.

• New Chapter 14 — “Hybrid Loudspeakers”. This exciting new chapter explores the subject of hybrid active/passive and digital/analog loudspeaker development and includes a tutorial design example for an ultra high-end hybrid monitor loudspeaker.  

Book Size:  8.5" x 11" with 350+ pages