Circuit Cellar Issue 092 March 1998-PDF

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March 1998

Task Manager—Reality Alert, by Janice Hughes, 2.
Reader I/O, 6.
New Product News, 8.
Robots With A Vision: Using the Cognachrome Vision System, by Bill Bailey, Jon Reese, Randy Sargent, Carl Witty, & Anne Wright, 12.
Power Systems In Autonomous Robots, by Ingo Cyliax, 24.
MicroBot: Programming Intel's 8749 for Robotic Control, by Bruce Reynolds, 30.
Motor Speed Control With A Microtwist, by Gordon Dick, 58.
MicroSeries—EMI Gone Technical— Part 2: Suppression Components, by Joe DiBartolomeo, 66.
From The Bench—Proprietary Serial Protocols, No Help from Traditional UARTs, by Jeff Bachiochi, 74.
Silicon Update—ShBoom Box, by Tom Cantrell, 80.
Priority Interrupt—For Once, I Sort of Agree, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.
Nouveau PC, edited by Harv Weiner, 36.
Converting 8051 Code For An ’X86 Embedded Processor, by Chip Freitag & Jeff Kirk, 41.
Real-Time PC—Picking a PC RTOS, by Ingo Cyliax, 47.
Applied PCs—Embedding PC Card—Part 1: The Time Has Come, by Fred Eady, 53.