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Circuit Cellar Issue 226 May 2009-PDF

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Issue #226
May 2009
Theme: Measurement & Sensors

TASK MANAGER—Old Tech, New App, by C. J. Abate
PRIORITY INTERRUPT—It’s All About the Content, Stupid!, by Steve Ciarcia
NEW PRODUCT NEWS, edited by John Gorsky
 Smart Lead-Acid Battery Meter: An MCU-Based “Gauge” for SLA Batteries, by Dale Wheat, p. 16
Construct a USB GPIO Pod (Part 2): USB JTAG Module, by DJ Delorie, p. 24
DOS in the 21st Century: A USB Flash Drive Reader for MCUs Works for DOS, by Andrew Mitz & Jon Daley, p. 36
Transformerless Power Supply, by Tom Struzik, p. 44
FROM THE BENCH—A World Without NTSC: Bridge the Gap Between NTSC and VGA, by Jeff Bachiochi, p. 52
LESSONS FROM THE TRENCHES—FAT File System Review (Part 2): C Code for the File System, by George Martin, p. 60
SILICON UPDATE—Whistle While You Work: A Look at a Modern DSP, by Tom Cantrell, p. 64
BONUS FEATURE ARTICLE—Time-Triggered Systems (Part 2): A Tool for Automating Analysis, by Michael Smith & Lizie Dunling-Smith

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