Circuit Cellar Issue 192 July 2006-PDF

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July 2006
Theme: Data Acquisition

TASK MANAGER Revisiting a Popular Project, by Jennifer Huber, p. 4
NEW PRODUCT NEWS, edited by John Gorsky, p. 8
Weather Station Upgrade, by Gordon Dick, p.12
Tiny AVR Serial Port Programmer, by Bruce Lightner, p. 20
Wireless Data Transfer: Get Started with the Bluetooth Serial Port, by Bruce Hopkins, p. 32
Network-Enable Legacy Equipment, by Kris Ardis, p. 36
Precision Motion-Sensing System Analyzer, by Steve Lubbers, p. 40
Dual-Axis Level Sensor, by Stefan Morley, p. 48
Compact Spectrum Analyzer, by Neal Martini, p. 60
APPLIED PCs Wireless Network Analysis:Sniff Around a ZigBee PAN with ZENA, by Fred Eady, p. 54
FROM THE BENCH Can You Speak CAN? (Part 2), by Jeff Bachiochi, p. 70
SILICON UPDATE Device Surfer, by Tom Cantrell, p. 78
PRIORITY INTERRUPT On-Scene Initiative, by Steve Ciarcia, p. 96