Circuit Cellar Issue 188 March 2006-PDF

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March 2006
Theme: Robotics

TASK MANAGER Get Ready to Build, by Jennifer Huber, p. 4
NEW PRODUCT NEWS, edited by John Gorsky, p. 8
Servo Animation Controller, by Peter Montgomery, p. 16
Outdoor Mobile Robot, by Paul Beckling, Ray Pettit, Todd Quasny, & Robert Watson, p. 24
Robot Localization and Control, by Ethan Leland, Kipp Bradford, & Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, p. 36
Digital Compassing: Build a Tilt-Compensated Digital Magnetic Compass, by Vadym Grygorenko, p. 40
Optical Proximity Sensor for Robots (Part 1): Simple PCB Design with the gEDA Suite, by Stuart Brorson, p. 48
Concurrent Small-C for PIC18 MCUs, by Andy Yuen, p. 62
Low-Cost Serial Servo Controller, by Michael Dvorsky, p.80
APPLIED PCs Remedy for USB-to-MCU Pain: Embedded USB with HIDmaker FS, by Fred Eady, p. 74
FROM THE BENCH Simple Robotics Experimentation, by Jeff Bachiochi, p. 30
SILICON UPDATE FIR Factor, by Tom Cantrell, p. 56
PRIORITY INTERRUPT Beware the Trolls, by Steve Ciarcia, p. 96