Circuit Cellar Issue 186 January 2006-PDF

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January 2006
Theme: Internet & Connectivity

TASK MANAGER Something for Everyone, by Jennifer Huber, p. 4
NEW PRODUCT NEWS, edited by John Gorsky, p. 8
Internet-Connected Display System, by Jeremy Baugher & Stephen Fenwick, p.10
Electronic Scarecrow, by Richard Wotiz, p. 18
Low-Cost EKG Pulsometer, by Serhiy Matviyenko, p. 28
Third-Generation Rabbit: A Look at the Rabbit 4000, by Monte Dalrymple, p. 35
Watchdog Supervisory System, by David Gamble & Andrew Smallridge, p. 43
Portable Web Server, by Lindsay Meek, p. 51
Internet-Connected Sonic Anemometer, by Ingo Cyliax, p. 56
Advanced System for Vehicle Back Up: Rangefinder and Video Display Aids Drivers, by Victor Lick, p. 62
APPLIED PCs ARM Applications with MicroBolt, by Fred Eady, p.80
FROM THE BENCH Regulator Review, by Jeff Bachiochi, p. 76
SILICON UPDATE Hot Enough for You?, by Tom Cantrell, p.70
PRIORITY INTERRUPT The Personal Touch, by Steve Ciarcia, p. 96