Circuit Cellar Issue 178 May 2005-PDF

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May 2005
Theme: Communications

TASK MANAGER USB Bonanza, by Jennifer Huber, p. 4
NEW PRODUCT NEWS, edited by John Gorsky, p. 8
TEST YOUR EQ by David Tweed, p. 11
USB Interface Development, by Robert Lang, p. 12
'Net Radio: Build an Internet Radio Receiver, by Bertrand Achard, p. 22
USB 2.0 Internet, by Daniel Cross-Cole, p. 30
APPLIED PCs Build a Wi-Fi Web Server, by Fred Eady, p. 34
Digital RC Servo Controller (Part 2): Circuitry Details, by Eric Gagnon, p. 43
Three-Axis Stepper Motor Controller (Part 2): Software Implementation, by Prajakta Desphande, & Praveen Desphande, p. 51
Network GPIB Controller, by Ron Battles, Patrick Jackson, & Scott Schumate, p. 62
FROM THE BENCH Speech Synthesis with SpeakJet, by Jeff Bachiochi, p. 70
Connect with USBLab, by Stuart Ball, p. 76
SILICON UPDATE More Flash, Less Cash, by Tom Cantrell, p. 80
PRIORITY INTERRUPT Are You Driven by the Means or the End?, by Steve Ciarcia, p. 96