Circuit Cellar Issue 177 April 2005-PDF

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April 2005
Theme: Robotics

TASK MANAGER My Favorite Subject, by Jennifer Huber, p. 4
NEW PRODUCT NEWS, edited by John Gorsky, p. 8
TEST YOUR EQ by David Tweed, p. 11
AVRcam: A Low–Cost Embedded Vision System, by John Orlando, p. 12
Simple USB Data Acquisition, by Bruce Pride, p. 20
Automatic Gate Control, by Peter Gibbs, p. 28
Embedded Security Design (Part 2): Circuit Board, by Joe Grand, p. 34
ABOVE THE GROUND PLANE Foolish LED Tricks, by Ed Nisley, p. 40
Digital RC Servo Controller (Part 1): 32-Channel Design, by Eric Gagnon, p. 44
FROM THE BENCH Stay in Touch: Sensor Material for Robotics Applications, by Jeff Bachiochi, p. 48
APPLIED PCs Test-Driving the Micro64, by Fred Eady, p. 52
Practical Application for TDD (Part 2): Automated Test-Driven Environment, by Mike Smith, Moreno Bariffi, Warren Flaman, Adam Geras, Lily Huang, Andrew Kwan, Alan Martin, & James Miller, p. 60
Three-Axis Stepper Motor Controller (Part 1): Design Basics, by Viraj Bhanage, Prajakta Deshpande, & Praveen Deshpande, p. 68
SILICON UPDATE USB Easy Riders, by Tom Cantrell, p. 78
PRIORITY INTERRUPT Dead as a Doornail, by Steve Ciarcia, p. 96