Circuit Cellar Issue 150 January 2003-PDF

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January 2003
Theme: Embedded Applications

Task Manager—No Strings Attached by Jennifer Huber, 4.
New Product News, edited by John Gorsky, 8.
Use Frequency Modulation to Send ASCII Data, by Tom Napier, 12
The PSoC RangedFinder—A Simple Ultrasonic Distance Meter, by Fabio Piana, 26
Robotics Corner: The (G)Eiger Sanction—The Design, Construction, and Interfacing of a Simple Radiation Detector, by Tom Dahlin
Where is the Hardware, by Enoch Hwang, 32
AVR Video Generator —Teaching Programmong and Graphics, by Bruce Land, 40
Building an Electric Airplane, by George Novacek, 44
Embedded XML—Make your Customer's IT Department Happy, by Edward Steinfeld, 52
ARMs to ARMs—Part 3: Working in the World of ARM, by Robert Martin, 68
Applied PCs: Construct an ATA Hard Drive Controller, by Fred Eady, 58
From the Bench: GUI Interfacing—A Straightforward, Simple Solution, by Jeff Bachiochi, 72
Silicon Update: Going Mobile, by Tom Cantrell, 78
Priority Interrupt—Inside the Box Still Counts, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.