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Circuit Cellar Issue 128 March 2001-PDF

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March 2001

Task Manager—Aye Robot, by Rob Walker, 6.
New Product News, edited by Harv Weiner, 8.
The Phoenix Rises to Victory, by John Piccirillo, 10.
Building Organic Robots with Students—A How-To Lesson, by Ken Boone, 18.
Fighting Fire with Robots—How to Build a Mobile Robot Base, by Mike Dvorsky, 26.
From the Oil Field to Your Home—The Geo--Mite's Sensitivity Can't be Beat, by David Penrose, 40.
Build a Lightweight R/C Receiver, by Ron Jesme, 46.
Fundamentals of Second-Order Systems—Part 3: Active Systems And Servos, by Dave Tweed, 52.
Wire is Passe, by Mike Baptiste, 60.
From the Bench—Getting a Grip on Complex Integration: Looking at FPSLIC, by Jeff Bachiochi, 72.
Silicon Update—SoC Hop, by Tom Cantell, 80.
Priority Interrupt—One Man’s Junk, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.
Nouveau PC, edited by Harv Weiner, 65.
Applied PCs—Launching E-Mail, by Fred Eady, 66.
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