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Circuit Cellar Issue 122 September 2000-PDF

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September 2000

Task Manager—From Sea to Shining SJC, by Rob Walker, 6.
New Product News, edited by Rick Prescott, 8.
Reader I/O, 11.
A Low-Cost Weather Station, by Gorden Dick, 12.
Digital Filters Made Easy—Part 1: Implementing with a DSP, by, Dan Cross-Cole, 20.
One Small Step—Part 1: Measuring Flight Data in Model Rockets, by Tom Napier, 30.
The Joys of Writing Software—Part 2: Software Considerations, by George Novacek, 34.
Embedded Living—An RS-485 Gateway: Linking an HCS-II to Another RS-485 Network, by Mike Baptiste, 70.
From the Bench—Building on Familiar Ground, Part 2: A new Addition, by Jeff Bachiochi, 80.
Silicon Update—Dial M-Core for Micros, by Tom Cantrell, 84.
Priority Interrupt—Virtual Reality, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.
Nouveau PC, edited by Rick Prescott, 41.
Home Scoping With X-10, by Dennis Wilkison, 42.
Real-Time PC—Catching the PCI Bus—Part 1: A Spin Through the Background, by Ingo Cyliax, 58.
Applied PCs—Rabbit Season Designing an Ethernet Adapter, by Fred Eady, 63.
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