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Circuit Cellar Issue 102 January 1999-PDF

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January 1999

Task Manager—Everything Old is New Again, Elizabeth Laurencot, 2.
Reader I/O, 6.
New Product News, 8.
Multiprocessor Communications—Part 1: Methods for Com-municating, by Stuart Ball, 14.
Developing A Custom Integrated Processor—Analysing the Price/Performance Tradeoff, by Joe Circello & Sylvia Thirtle, 20.
Using Java In Embedded Systems, by Vladimir Ivanovic and Mike Mahar, 26.
Music At Your Fingertips—Guitar Effects via Remote Control, by Hank Wallace, 36.
The PCL3013 Step/Servo Motor Controller In Action, by Gordon Dick, 62.
MicroSeries—TPU—Part 1: A Coprocessor for Timing Functions, by Joe DiBartolmeo, 68.
From The Bench—Can You Feel the Beat?, by Jeff Bachiochi, 76.
Silicon Update—Wires, Wires Everwhere–The RF Solution, by Tom Cantrell, 80.
Priority Interrupt—‘Net Worth, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.
Nouveau PC, edited by Harv Weiner, 42.
Real-Time PC—Embedded RT-Linux, Part 3: Networking, by Ingo Cyliax, 47.
Applied PCs—In the Face of Medusa, Part 1: Developing Reliable Control, by Fred Eady 56.
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