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Circuit Cellar Issue 083 June 1997-PDF

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June 1997

Task Manager—Life's Little Mysteries, by Ken Davidson, 2.
New Product News, 6.
DSP-Based Canadian Timecode Receiver, by David Tweed, 12.
On- And Off-Hook Caller ID Using DSP, by Dave Ryan & Asher Hazanchuk, 20.
PC Telephone Interface, by Chris Sakkas, 26.
Embedding The ARM7500—Part 2: Programming an Embedded Computer, by Art Sobel, 30.
MicroSeries—Machine Vision—Part 1: Industrial Inspection by Hugh Anglin, 66.
From the Bench—It's Can’t be a Robot: There are No Arms and Legs!, by Jeff Bachiochi, 74.
Silicon Update—High-Velocity DSP, by Tom Cantrell, 78.
Priority Interrupt—A Winning Proposition, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.
Nouveau PC, edited by Harv Weiner, 40.
An In-Depth Look At FTL—by Raz Dan, 45.
PC/104 Quarter—To ROM or NOT to ROM, That is the Question, by Rick Lehrbaum, 53.
Applied PCs—System Problems: Right on Cue, Nation Presents Slimline 'x86, by Fred Eady, 58.

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