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Circuit Cellar Issue 067 February 1996 - PDF

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February 1996

Task Manager—The Embedded INK, by Ken Davidson, 2.
Reader I/O, 6.
New Product News, 8.
Updating A Classic: The Z80380 Microprocessor, by Monte Dalrymple, 12.
Connect The Personal PBX To The Real World, by Richard Newman, 18.
LPT: Analog!—A 12-bit A/D Converter Printer Port Adapter, by David Prutchi, 26.
PIC17C44 High-End Microcontroller Architectural Overview, by Ron Cates, 34.
Firmware Furnace—Vid-Link Characters—Part 2: Bits to Dots, by Ed Nisley, 72.
From the Bench—Intel Hex to BASIC Data Statement Translator, by Jeff Bachiochi, 78.
Silicon Update—Fuzzy Buster, by Tom Cantrell, 86.
ConnecTime—Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS, conducted by Ken Davidson, 91.
Priority Interrupt—It Just Frosts My Chops, by Steve Ciarcia, 104.
Nouveau PC, edited by Harv Weiner, 42.
High-Speed Network Technology, by R. E. Billings, 47.
Unscrewing The Inscrutable, by Ed Nisley, 54.
PC/104 Quarter—Chassis and Enclosures—A PC/104 Packaging Overview, by Dave Cox & Paul Olsen, 59.
Applied PCs—Small Displays for Embedded Systems, by Russ Reiss, 65..


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