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Circuit Cellar Issue 053 December 1994-PDF

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December 1994

Editor’s INK—Putting the Cart Before the Horse, by Ken Davidson, 2.
New Product News, 7.
Designing Real-Time Embedded Software Using State-Machine Concepts, by David Tweed, 12.
All Together Now—Writing Multiuser Application Software for ACCESS.bus, by David Rodgers & Peretz Tzarnotsky, 20.
Make The Most Of Your DSP-Based Sound Card, by Bob Fine, 30.
Circuit Cellar Design Contest Winners, compiled by Janice Marinelli, 40.
A RISC Designers New Right Arm—Development Boards and Design Specifics, by Art Sobel, 44.
Firmware Furnace—Journey to the Protected Land: Fancy Text Output and a Boot Mystery, by Ed Nisley, 56
From the Bench—Engineer Seeks Personal Gardener: Assisting Vocally Challenged Vegetation, by Jeff Bachiochi, 66.
Silicon Update—Do You Know the Way to San Jose?: Precise Navigation Technology, by Tom Cantrell, 72.
Embedded Techniques—Between the Lines—Bar Code and Decoding Bar Code Algorithms, by John Dybowski, 78.
ConnecTime—Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS, conducted by Ken Davidson, 83.
Steve’s Own INK—What’s in a Name?, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.

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