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Circuit Cellar Issue 051 October 1994-PDF

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October 1994

Editor’s INK—Breaking Old Habits, by Ken Davidson, 2.
Reader’s INK, 6.
New Product News, 8.
Jugglers Delight: PIC-based Controller For Up To Eight Servos, by Scott Edwards, 14.
Analyst 2 Data Line Monitor, by Bill Payne, 22.
A RISC Designers New Right Arm—Designing with the ARM Processor, by Art Sobel, 36.
Feeling Out A Braille Digital Clock, by Wayne Bigelow, 48.
Firmware Furnace—Journey to the Protected Land: Booting into Protected Mode, by Ed Nisley, 56.
From the Bench—Celebrate National Cannibalism Week—Take Your Old Floppy Drives to Lunch, by Jeff Bachiochi, 64.
Silicon Update—Flash of Inspiration, by Tom Cantrell, 70.
Embedded Techniques—ec.32 Wrap Up, by John Dybowski, 76.
ConnecTime—Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS, conducted by Ken Davidson, 84.
Steve’s Own INK—Of Patentable Value?, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.


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