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Circuit Cellar Issue 014 April/May 1990-PDF

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April/May 1990

Editor’s INK—It Just Gets Better, by Curtis Franklin, Jr., 1.
Reader’s INK—Letters to the Editor, 6.
New Product News, 8.
Visible INK—Letters to the INK Research Staff, 12.
Build a Simple SCSI-to-Anything Interface—Take advantage of the Spec to Simplify Your Designs, by Jim MacArthur, 15.
Computer Generated Holograms, by Dale Nassar, 22.
Modulating Laser Diodes—The Search for the Perfect Driveway Sensor, by Steve Ciarcia, 38.
Digital Signal Processing—Part 2: DSP Applications with the TMS320C25, by Dean McDonnell, 48.
Firmware Furnace—BASIC Radioactive Randoms: True Random Numbers from Mother Nature, by Ed Nisley, 58.
From the Bench—Honey, I Shrunk the…: New Uses Abound for the Smallest AT Clone Yet, by Jeff Bachiochi, 70.
Silicon Update—Whither Zilog? A Roller Coaster on the Back of the Z80, by Tom Cantrell, 78.
ConnecTime—Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS, conducted by Ken Davidson, 82.
Domestic Automation—CEBus Comes One Step Closer to Reality, by Ken Davidson, 85.
Steve’s Own INK—The Home Computer Revolution is Over, by Steve Ciarcia, 88.


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