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Circuit Cellar Issue 013 February/March 1990-PDF

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Feb/Mar 1990

Editor’s INK—Dateline: Las Vegas, by Curtis Franklin, Jr., 1.
Reader’s INK—Letters to the Editor, 5.
New Product News, 8.
Visible INK—Letters to the INK Research Staff, 12.
Building An IBM PC Keyboard Translator—An 8031-based System for Code Translation, by Bill Curlew, 14.
Building etude—Part 1: A 25-MHz Analog-to-Digital Convertor for the PC Bus, by J. Conrad Hubert and Dick Hubert, 21.
Digital Signal Processing—Part 1: An Introduction, by Dean McConnell, 30.
The BCCH16—Part 2: Porting a Multitasking BASIC to the H16, by Jack Ganssle, 42.
Firmware Furnace—An Exercise for the Student: Building Software from the Ground Up, by Ed Nisley, 52.
From the Bench—ENTION…ATTENTION…ATTENTION…ATT—Building an LED Moving Message Display, by Jeff Bachiochi, 60.
Silicon Update—Earthshaking Chips: A report from the Second Microprocessor Forum, by Tom Cantrell, 68.
Software by Design—Memory Management on the HD64180, by Jack Ganssle, 72.
ConnecTime—Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS, conducted by Ken Davidson, 76.
Steve’s Own INK—An Analog State of Mind, by Steve Ciarcia, 80.

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