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Circuit Cellar Issue 012 December 1989/January 1990-PDF

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Dec 1989/Jan 1990

Editor’s INK—First Things First, by Curtis Franklin, Jr., 1.
Readers’s INK—Letters to the Editor, 5.
New Product News, 8.
Visible INK—Letters to the INK Research Staff, 12
INKnet—Part 3: Writing Network Applications—The Subtle Art of Programming for INKnet, by Ed Nisley, 14.
Image Synthesis: A Tutorial—Tools for Drawing a New Universe, by Chris Ciarcia, 22.
An Intel 386SX-based PC/AT-Compatible Motherboard—Part 2, by Daryl Rinaldi, 37.
A Low-Cost MIDI Sequencer—Build an 8031-Based Stand-Alone MIDI Sequencer, by Winefred Washington, 49.
Firmware Furnace—Simulated Reality: Simulating Systems for 8051 Debugging, by Ed Nisley, 53.
From The Bench—The Versatile Light-Emitting Diode, by Jeff Bachiochi, 62.
Silicon Update—MAXIMum Chips: Maximum Real-World Problem Solvers, by Tom Cantrell, 69.
Software by Design—Least-Squares Curve Fitting, by Jack Ganssle, 74.
ConnecTime—Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS, conducted by Ken Davidson, 82.
Domestic Automation—New X-10—Compatible Products Hit the Market, 78.
Steve’s Own INK—..And Everything in its Place, by Steve Ciarcia, 88.


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