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Circuit Cellar Issue 011 October/November 1989-PDF

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Oct/Nov 1989

Editor’s INK—Why 32 bits?, by Curtis Franklin, Jr., 1.
Readers’ INK—Letters to the Editor, 5.
New Product News, 8.
Visible INK—Letters to the INK Research Staff, 12.
INKnet—Part 2: Writing Software for Distributed Control, by Ed Nisley, 15.
An Intel 386SX-based PC/AT Compatible Motherboard—Part 1, by Daryl Rinaldi, 22
The BCCH16—Part 1, A 16-/32-bit Multitasking Single-Board Computer, by Tom Cantrell, 40.
Firmware Furnace—Cache Craziness, by Ed Nisley, 55.
From the Bench—Gentlemen Start Your Engines, by Jeff Bachiochi, 62
Silicon Update—Intel’s Dark Horse—The 80960: A Powerful New Controller for Performance-Critical Applications, by Tom Cantrell, 68.
Software by Design—Algorithms for Trigonometric Functions, by Jack Ganssle, 73.
ConnecTime—Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS conducted by Ken Davidson, 75.
Steve’s Own INK—Those Dazzling 32-Bit Chips, by Steve Ciarcia, 80.

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