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Circuit Cellar Issue 004 July/August 1988-PDF

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July/Aug 1988

The Market-Driven Myth, by Steve Ciarcia, 1.
Reader’s Ink—Letter to the Editor, 2.
Circuit Cellar Stepper Motor Scanning Sonar Sensor—A Look at the Logic and Control of Stepper Motors, by Steve Ciarcia and Ed Nisley, 5-17.
Visible Ink—Letters to the Circuit Cellar INK Research Staff, 18.
The Satellite Home Weather Center—Part 4: Dial-Up Databases and a 68000 Peripheral Processor, by Mark Voorhees, 21-27.
Ink Spot—Guest Editorial, Bigger is not necessarily better, by Ezra Shapiro, 29.
ConnecTime—Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS, conducted by Ken Davidson, 30.
Circuit Cellar Neighborhood Strategic Defence Initiative—Building the Bottle Launcher and Gantry, by Ed Nisley, 36-37.
Firmware Furnace—Using the IBM PC Joystick Port, by Ed Nisley, 38-46.
Stepping Out—A Robot Arm that Demonstrates Microprocessor Control of Stepper Motors, by Tim McDonough & Dennis Grim, 49-56.

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