Circuit Cellar 363 October 2020 (PDF)

Circuit Cellar 363 October 2020 (PDF)

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Issue #363
October 2020

Technologies for Smart Cities

  • 6: Building a Power Rail Probe: An Exercise in Low-Noise Design,
    By Andrew Levido
  • 14: Design a Wireless Tracking Device: Smart Antenna Choices,
    By Geoff Schulteis
  • 18: A Review: V5 Plus Drone Flight Controller: Hands-On Evaluation,
    By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
  • 26: Code Size vs. Memory Footprint: And Why They Matter, By Steve Graves
  • 30: Balancing a Ball on a Touchscreen: Using a PID Controller, By Gregory Kaiser and Samuel Feibel
  • 35: Smart Cities Leverage IoT Building Blocks: Chips, Systems and Services,
    By Jeff Child
  • 44: Raspberry Pi Roundup: A Bounty of HATs and Clones, By Jeff Child
  • 50: DATASHEET: Embedded PCs: Integrated Solutions, By Jeff Child
  • 56: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: LoRa (Part 7): Building a Prototype LoRa Device, By Bob Japenga
  • 60: FROM THE BENCH: White Hot: Measuring Color Temperature: Using an Arduino Mega, By Jeff Bachiochi
  • 68: THE DARKER SIDE: An Introduction to Stub Filters: A Wire to Nowhere,
    By Robert Lacoste
  • 75: Product News
  • 78: Test Your EQ
  • 79: The Future of Modular Edge Processing: Three Real-World Intelligent Infrastructure Applications, By Dan Demers 

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