Circuit Cellar 351 October 2019 (PDF)

Circuit Cellar 351 October 2019 (PDF)

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Issue #351
October 2019

Smart Home Technologies

  • 6: A Hardware Random Number Generator: MCU-Based Solution,
    By Devlin Gualtieri
  • 10: Smart Farming Device Gives: Plants a Voice: SmartAgro,
    By Andrei Florian
  • 18: Using Digital Potentiometers: Convenient Control, By Stuart Ball
  • 24: The Laser Harp: A Twist on Modern Instruments, By Alex Hatzis
  • 34: Assortment of Tech Solutions Enable the Smart Home: IoT-Leveraged Living Spaces, By Jeff Child
  • 42: Application-Specific MCUs Deliver Rich Functionality:Purpose-Built Benefits, By Jeff Child
  • 46: PRODUCT FOCUS: Rugged SBCs and COMs: Tested for Toughness, By Jeff Child
  • 50: THE DARKER SIDE: An Intro to Antenna Arrays: Elements, Interference and More, By Robert Lacoste
  • 60: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: LoRa (Part 1): Where Does This Featherweight Fit In?, By Bob Japenga
  • 64: FROM THE BENCH: MQ Telemetry Transport (Part 1): Going Aloft with Mosquitto, By Jeff Bachiochi
  • 72: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Semiconductor Fundamentals (Part 2): Diodes in Detail, By George Novacek
  • 76 : Product News
  • 78 : Test Your EQ
  • 79: The Future of Electronic Design Automation: Tool Advances Speed Design-to-Manufacture Process, By Keith Lee

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