Circuit Cellar 348 July 2019 (PDF)

Circuit Cellar 348 July 2019 (PDF)

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Issue #348
July 2019

Technologies for Railway Systems

  • 6: EOG-Controlled Video Game: Eyes as Interface, By Eric Cole, Evan Mok and Alex Huang

  • 12: Macros for AVR Assembler Programming: Tools of the Machine Code TradeBy Wolfgang Matthes
  • 26: Building a Smart Frying Pan: Connected Control for Chef,
    By Joseph Dwyer
  • 32: Inrush Current Limiters in Action: Circuit Guardians, By Matt Reynolds
  • 36: Embedded Solutions Enable Smarter Railway Systems: Computing, Connectivity and Control, By Jeff Child
  • 44: FPGAs Flex Their DSP Muscles: Pros at Signal Processing,
    By Jeff Child
  • 48: PRODUCT FOCUS:  IoT Interface Modules: Smart Solutions,
    By Jeff Child
  • 52: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Variable Frequency Drive (Part 1): Washing Machine Repurposed,  By Brian Millier
  • 58: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: A Look at Cores with TrustZone-M: Security Scrutinized, By Colin O’Flynn
  • 64: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Energy Monitoring (Part 2): Tracking Electric Power, By George Novacek
  • 68: FROM THE BENCH: Windless Wind Chimes (Part 2): My MIDI Upgrade, By Jeff Bachiochi
  • 76: Product News
  • 78: Test Your EQ
  • 79: The Future of Autonomous Cars: Sensors, Software and More Sensors, By James Fennelly

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