Circuit Cellar 340 November 2018 (PDF)

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Issue #340
November 2018
MCU-based Security

6: Add GPS to Your Embedded System: MCU-Based Design, By Stuart Ball
14: Building an Autopilot Robot (Part 2): Control and Sensing, By Pedro Bertoleti
17: FLC for Servo Drives: Motors and MCUs, By Ramesh T. Ramamoorthy
20: MCU-Based Project Enhances Dance Game: Using Wavelet Transform, By Michael Solomentsev and Drew Dunne
26: Sensors at the Intelligent IoT Edge: New Design Flows, By Greg Lebsack
32: SPECIAL FEATURE: What's the Role of 3D Printing in Embedded Systems?: Experts Weigh In, By Jeff Child
38: TECHNOLOGY SPOTLIGHT: Analog IC Advances Target Industrial Automation: Factory Focus, By Jeff Child
44: PRODUCT FOCUS: FPGA Boards: Integrated Solutions, By Jeff Child
49: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Embedded System Security: Live from Las Vegas, by Colin O'Flynn
54:PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Easing into the IoT Cloud (Part 1): Web Connecting MCUs, By Brian Millier
62: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: High Accelerated Product Testing: Stress and Statistics, By George Novacek
66: FROM THE BENCH: Sleeping Electronics: Managing Power Vampires, By Jeff Bachiochi
73: Product News
78 : Test Your EQ
79: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Thermal Management: Why Cooling is a Priority in Embedded Systems Design, By Tim Bretz
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