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Circuit Cellar 336 July 2018 (PDF)

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July 2018
Wireless Standards

6: Op Amp Design Techniques: Analog Adventures, By Stuart Ball
12: MCU-Based Motor Condition Monitoring: Sensors and Signals, By Amit Ashara
18: Wire Wrapping Revisited: For Prototypes and Projects, By Wolfgang Matthes
26: MPEG-H Audio Brings New Dimensions to TV Sound, By Stefan Meltzer
30: EMC Analysis During PCB Layout: Catch Issues Earlier, By Craig Armenti
34: Wireless Standards and Solutions for IoT: Protocol Choices Abound, By Jeff Child
40: IoT Drives Extreme Low-Power Demands: Enabling “Always On”, By Jeff Child
44: IoT Interface Modules: Ready to Connect, By Jeff Child
48: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Verifying Code Readout Protection Claims: Think Like an Attacker, By Colin O’Flynn
54: ABOVE THE GROUND PLANE: BLDC Fan Current: Motors and Measurements, By Ed Nisley
60: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Thermoelectric Cooling (Part 1): Failure Analysis, By George Novacek
64: FROM THE BENCH: Electronic Speed Control (Part 1): Motor Evolution, By Jeff Bachiochi
72: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Blockchain: IoT and Blockchain are Tied at the Hip, By Peter Varhol

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