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Circuit Cellar 329 December 2017 (PDF)

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December 2017
Graphics & Vision
6 : Designing High Performance GUIs: UIs for the Multicore Era, By Phil Brumby
10 : Building a Robotic Candy Sorter: PIC32 and Raspberry Pi Team Up, By Peter Slater and Mark (Moonyoung) Lee
18 : Raster Laser Projector Uses FPGA: Digital and Analog Control, By James Cassell and István Burbank
26 : Designing a Home Cleaning Robot (Part 1): Selecting Components, By Nishant Mittal
32 : Simulating a Hammond Tonewheel Organ (Part 2) Leslie Speaker Emulation, By Brian Millier
38 : Wearables Drive Demand for Extreme Low Power Solutions: MCUs & Analog ICs Meet Needs, By Jeff Child
44 : Q & A: IoT Development for the Masses: An interview with Jeff Liebl, By Jeff Child
47 : Power-Over-Ethernet Expands its Reach: Data & Power Learn to Share, By Jeff Child
52 : THE DARKER SIDE: Information Theory in a Nutshell: Basics of Noise-Free Comms, By Robert Lacoste
59 : THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Component Overstress: Avoiding EOS Damage, By George Novacek
62: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Build an Embedded Systems Consulting Company (Part 7): Writing the Proposal, By Bob Japenga
66 : FROM THE BENCH: Money Sorting Machines (Part 1): Pocket Change, By Jeff Bachiochi
74 : Product News
79: The Future of Tailored Processors: Bespoke Processors for IoT Devices, By Henry Duwe

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