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Circuit Cellar 328 November 2017 (PDF)

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November 2017
Analog System Design
6 : Simulating a Hammond Tonewheel Organ (Part 1) Mimicking a Mechanical Marvel, By Brian Millier
16 : Using Power Audio Amplifiers in Untypical Ways (Part 2) More Alternative Uses, By Petre Tzv Petrov
24 : Machine Auto-Sorts Resistors: MCUs, Measurement and Motor Control, By Brian Gross, Nathan Lambert, Alex Parkhurst
30 : Logger Device Tracks Amp Hours (Part 2): Alternative Energy Sources, By William Wachsmann
38 : Q & A: PCB CAD Collaboration Superpowers: A Start-Up’s Journey. An interview with Zak Homuth, By Wisse Hettinga
40 : IoT Gateway Advances Take Diverse Paths: Flexible Networked Solutions, By Jeff Child
45 : Analog Solutions Fuel Industrial System Needs: Connectivity, Control and IIoT, By Jeff Child
50 : EMBEDDED SYSTEMS ESSENTIALS: Power Analysis Attack on RSA: Asymmetric Adventures, By Colin O’Flynn
56: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Negative Feedback in Electronics: A Look at the Opposite Side, By George Novacek
60 : ABOVE THE GROUND PLANE: LF Quartz Resonator Tester: A Stimulating Discussion, By Ed Nisley
68 : FROM THE BENCH: Gas Monitoring and Sensing (Part 2) : Putting the Sensor to Work, By Jeff Bachiochi
77 : Product News
79: The Future of Medical Wearables: Technology Enabling a Healthier World, By Andrew Burt

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