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Circuit Cellar 327 October 2017 (PDF)

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October 2017
Theme: Signal Processing
6 : Emulating Legacy Interfaces: Do it with Microcontrollers , By Wolfgang Matthes
18 : Building a Retro TV Remote : PIC MCU-Based Design, By Dev Gualtieri
24 : Building a Robot Hand: With Servos and Electromyography, By Michael Haidar, Jason Hwang and Srikrishnaa Vadivel
30 : Logger Device Tracks Amp Hours (Part 1): Measuring Home Electricity, By William Wachsmann
38 : Commercial Drone Design Solutions Take Flight: Chips, Boards and Platforms, By Jeff Child
42 : Q & A: Design for Manufacturing: Does It Have to be so Difficult? An interview with Scott N. Miller and Thos Niles , By Wisse Hettinga
44 : Signal Chain Tech Pushes Bandwidth Barriers: ADCs, FPGAs and DACs, By Jeff Child
48 : EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Build an Embedded Systems Consulting Company (Part 6): Trade-Offs of Fixed-Price Contracts, By Bob Japenga
52: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: In the Loop on Positive Feedback: New Value in an Old Concept, By George Novacek
56 : THE DARKER SIDE: Antenna Performance Measurement Made Easy: Covering the Basics, By Robert Lacoste
62 : FROM THE BENCH: Gas Monitoring and Sensing (Part 1) : Fun with Fragrant Analysis, By Jeff Bachiochi
72 : Product News
75 : Client Profile
79: The Future of PCB Design: Racing to Keep Pace With PCB Complexities, By Duane Benson

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