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Circuit Cellar 323 June 2017 (PDF)

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June 2017
Theme: Communications
Special Focus: 3-D Printing
11 : CLIENT PROFILE: Newhaven Display International, Inc. (Elgin, IL)
12 : Hands-Free, RPi-Based Monitoring System, By Cyrus Moradi
18 : The JEADI ARM Project (Part 3): Connections and Software, By Abdul Rafay, Michael Smith, and Jason Long
26 : FROM THE ARCHIVES: FPGA Embedded Microcontroller Environment, By John Clayton
32 : QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Creativity Lives Here: An Interview with Jean Noel Lefebvre, By Wisse Hettinga
35 : EDITORS’ PICKS: Communications
38 : A Dynamic Overview of Key 3-D Printing Features, By Ashley Mellen and Alexandrea Mellen
42 : Advances in 3-D Printing and Related Technologies: Q&As with Nicolas Roux and Jeff Moe
48 : Resources for Cutting-Edge 3-D Printing and Related Technologies
52 : THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Automatic Control (Part 2): Frequency Domain Analysis, By George Novacek
56 : GREEN COMPUTING: On the Potential of Hybrid Cooling, By Ayse K. Coskun
60 : EMBEDDED SYSTEMS ESSENTIALS: Breaking a Password with Power Analysis Attacks, By Colin O’Flynn
64 : THE DARKER SIDE: Vintage Programming Language, By Robert Lacoste
70 : FROM THE BENCH: Long-Range, Low-Power Wireless Communications (Part 1): Trading Throughput for Distance, By Jeff Bachiochi
80 : The Future of Embedded FPGAs: Changing the Way Chips are Designed, By Geoff Tate

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