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CC25 Anniversary Issue - (Print Version)

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Essays include:
- The History of Circuit Cellar — by Steve Ciarcia (Founder, Circuit Cellar, Engineer)
- Do Small-RAM devices Have a Future? — by John Regehr (Professor, University of Utah)
- A Review of Embedded Security Risks — by Patrick Schaumont (Professor, Virginia Tech)
- The DIY Electronics Revolution — by Limor Fried (Founder, Adafruit Industries)
- The Future of Rapid Prototyping — by Simon Ford (ARM, Mbed, Engineer)
- Robust Design — by George Novacek (Engineer, Retired Aerospace Executive)
- Twenty-Five Essential Embedded System Design Principles — by Bob Japenga (Embedded Systems Engineer, Co-Founder, Microtools Inc.)
- Mixed-Signal Designs: The 25 Errors You’ll Make at Least Once — by Robert Lacoste (Founder, Alciom; Engineer)
- User Interface Tips for Embedded Designers — by Curt Twillinger (Engineer)
- Thinking in Terms of Hardware Platforms, Not Chips — by Clemens Valens (Engineer, Elektor)
- The Future of FPGAs — by Colin O’Flynn (Engineer)
- The Future of E-Learning for Engineers and Programmers — by Marty Hauff (e-Learning Specialist, Altium)

Interviews include:
- Steve Sanghi (CEO, Microchip Technology)
- Jeff Kodosky (Co-Founder, National Instruments & “the father of LabVIEW“)
- Jean Labrosse (Founder, Micrium) Stefan Skarin (CEO, IAR Systems)
- Y. B. Lee (President & CEO, WIZnet)
...and more! Also available in PDF. 

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