audioXpress May 2024 PDF

audioXpress May 2024 PDF

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Volume 55
Issue 5
May 2024

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—No Truth. Just Joy, by J. Martins, p. 4

  • The TubeSociety 2022 OTL Hybrid Tube Amplifier, by Menno van der Veen, p. 8

  • A Low-Feedback Triode Amplifier with Zero Output Impedance: Part 1—Introduction and Single-Ended Input Amplifier Design, by Tim Mellow and Pater Farrow, p. 16

  • Tube Output Power: Determining Output Transformer Impedance for Maximum Output Power, by Rudolf Moers, p. 22

  • Optimizing Single-State Dual-Triode Totem Pole Drivers, by Christopher Paul, p. 20

  • SOUND CONTROL—Sustainable Acoustical Absorption, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 40

  • Pure Acourate Sound Project: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts, by Rens Tellers and Jan Didden, p. 46

  • The Neurochrome Story, by Tom Christiansen, p. 52

  • The Open-Loop Complementary Follower and an Amplifying Stage, by Dimitri Danyuk, p. 56

  • A High-Performance 60-Watt Class A Amplifier: Part 2 —The Power Supply and Measurements, by Andrew C. Russell, p. 60

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