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audioXpress May 2015

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Volume 46
Issue 5
May 2015

FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Glass Audio Special—Still Loving Tubes, by João Martins, p. 4
STANDARDS REVIEW—Wireless Audio (Part 8): Microchip Wireless Audio Platform Portfolio, by João Martins, p. 10
Signal Dynamic and Loudness, by Ron Tipton, p. 18
True Bass Rides Again (Part 2): The Power Questions, by Thomas Perazella, p. 22
HEADSETS—Ribbon Planar Magnetic Designs, by Mike Klasco and Steve Tatarunis, p. 30
QUESTIONS & ANSWERS—A Career Built on Respect and Quality: An Interview with Richard Schram, Founder of Parasound, by Shannon Becker, p. 34
Updating the Bogen MO100A Amplifier, by Bruce Brown, p. 38
Use an Antique Radio to Listen to Your Vintage Playlist, by Gregory L. Charvat, p. 42
Extending the Arduin0-Based Tube Power Amplifier Controller, by Mark Driedger, p. 46
Build a Push-Pull Triode Power Amplifier: This Design Uses ECC 99 and ECC 832 Tubes, by Gerhard Haas, p. 52
Why Tubes Sing and Crackle, by Gerhard Haas, p. 56
HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Pro Tube Power Amplifier Circuits, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 60
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