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audioXpress March 2016

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Volume 47
Issue 3
March 2016

FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—A Bridge to Better Audio?, by João Martins, p. 4

Playing with Room Correction, by Ron Tipton, p. 8

One Model to Rule Them All: A Unified Model for Grid-Excited, Single-Triode Circuits, by Christopher Paul, p. 14

SOUND CONTROL—Calculate Reverberation Time Using Statistical Methods, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 24

Testing Headphones and Earphones: The G.R.A.S. 43BB Low-Noise Ear Simulator, by Mike Klasco, p. 30

I Can Hear It? Why Can’t I Measure It?, by Dan Foley, p. 38

The Virtins Multi-Instrument Software, by Stuart Yaniger, p. 42

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS—NTi Devines New Technologies in Audio: An Interview with Philipp Schwizer, CEO of NTi Audio, by Shannon Becker, p. 50

Build an Audio Headroom Meter, by James B. Wood, p. 54

HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Amplitrex AT1000 Tube Tester, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 62


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