audioXpress January 2001 PDF

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audioXpress January 2001

  • Editorial: "Facts of Life"
  • Audio News
  • "A 30W Push-Pull 3CX300A1 Monoblock"
  • "A Phono Pre-preamplifier for the CD era, Pt. 1"
  • "THD is Meaningless, Pt. 1"
  • "On Angel's Wings, Pt. 1"
  • "The DR10 Horn"
  • Product Review: Reference MM De Capo Speakers
  • Listening Critique
  • Product Review: Manley Stingray Amp
  • Listening Critique
  • "Tilting with Tubes"
  • "A Simple Golden Powered Sub"
  • "Designing Your Own Amplifier: Part 6a: Special Output Circuits"
  • Audio Classroom
  • Xpress Mail
  • Book Reviews: GEC Tube Data, Modern High-End Valve Amplifiers
  • Audio Aids
  • New Chips on the Block
  • Yard Sale
  • Glass Shard: "Taming High Line Voltage"
  • Test Tracks

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