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audioXpress 2013 Back Issues on CD

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audioXpress 2013 Back Issues

January 2013

  • Rocky Mountain Audio (Love) Fest 2012
  • Speaker Design School
  • Passive Surround-Sound Decoder
  • Expert's Skills Evolve with Technology
  • Tweeter Talk (Part 1): Tweeter History, Cones, and Domes
  • Power Supplies for Hollow-State Equipment (Part 2): Voltage Doublers
  • Eminence's Impero 15A

February 2013

  • Wired for Sound µDAC USB D/A Converter
  • Speaker Design School: Session 1C: Meet the Speakers
  • CEDIA 2012
  • A Look Inside Electric Guitar — Sound Secrets and Technology
  • Loudspeaker Expert Focuses on Design
  • Tweeter Talk (Part 2): Dome Variations and a Balanced Drive Tweeter
  • Power Supplies for Hollow-State Equipment (Part 3)
  • Motus Audio Dome Tweeter

March 2013

  • Construct a Four-Parallel 5670W Push-Pull Amplifier
  • Valve Headphone Amplifier
  • The Apollon System
  • Electrical Engineer Finds: "Joy in Audio Electronics" 
  • Tweeter Talk (Part 3): The Piezo Ceramic Tweeter
  • Troubleshooting Power Supplies for Hollow-State Equipment
  • A Coax Drive for B&C Speakers

April 2013

  • Construct a Simple LED Bias Meter and Supply
  • Testing the Spin-Clean LP Washer Machine
  • Entrepreneur Embraces Audio Technology Evolution
  • CES 2013
  • High-Polymer Film (Part 1): The Lost Speaker Technology
  • Scan-Speak High-Frequency Driver
  • Popular Preamp Tubes

May 2013

  • Poddwatt Series II Stereo Integrated Valve Amplifier
  • Deconstructing the SC-OPT
  • Tube Amplifier Design
  • FET Amp with Valve Sound
  • Tribute to Ed Dell
  • High-Polymer Film (Part 2)
  • Selecting a Power Tube
  • Scan-Speak's New 12" Subwoofer

June 2013

  • Tube Heating with DC Power
  • Update a Pair of MTX5i5.25" Bookshelf Loudspeakers
  • A High-Quality, High-Power Headphone Amplifier
  • Innovator Continues to Test the Limits of Kable
  • The Air Motion Transformer
  • Hollow-State Rectifier Comparison
  • A New Compression Driver with Horn and Two Ribbon Transducers

July 2013

  • Build an External Phonograph Preamplifier
  • Innovator Behind Synergy Horns
  • Improve your Oscilloscope Probing Techniques
  • Parasound's New Zdac
  • High-Performance Speakers Meet the HD-Voice Challenge
  • Output Transformers
  • Beston's Horn-Loaded Transducer

August 2013

  • Open-Circuit Protection for Tube Amplifiers
  • The 2A3 Tube Amplifier: A Tribute to Simplicity
  • Upbeat High End Audio Show
  • 7decibels Ramps Up the Volume
  • PS Audio NuWave DAC
  • Loudspeaker Failures and Protections (Part 1): From Concert Sound to Smartphones
  • Tone Controls
  • Two Low-Frequency Subwoofers from Dayton Audio and RCF

September 2013

  • Morel Founder Finds Inspiration in Innovation
  • Maggies Reclaimed
  • The Single-Tower Stereo
  • The Horizon Subwoofer
  • Loudspeaker Failures and Protections (Part 2): Passive Speaker Protection
  • Tone Controls (Part 2): Usage and Frequency Responses

October 2013

  • Mugen — A Hybrid Amplifier
  • OPPO Digital's New 3-D Blu-Ray Disc Player Raises the Bar
  • Audio Innovator Amar Bose Remembered
  • Early Curiosity Leads to a Lifelong Engineering Pursuit
  • Speaker Protection for Mobile Consumer Products
  • Dynamics Processing with Tubes
  • Dayton Audio's ATM1-4

November 2013

  • QSC's FAST Platform
  • A 12-V Trigger Supply
  • Tips to Resurrect a Classic Speaker or Design a New System (Part 1): Use a Hell Transformer and an Updated Woofer
  • Simple Sineman
  • Audio Engineers Focuses on the "Masters"
  • HDBaseT Alliance Releases 2.0 Specification, Introduces HomePlay
  • Designing for Ultra-Low THD+N (Part 1): Understanding Measurable Noise and Distortion
  • The DE980TN-8 by B&C Speakers
  • The Lowdown on Woofers, Subwoofers, and Bass Shakers (Part 1): An Introduction to Woofers
  • We Reall Have (or Want) Great Acoustics
  • Classic Approaches to Dynamics Processing

December 2013

  • elysia xfilter 500: Surface Mount Magic in a Small Format
  • The Cathedrals
  • Tips to Resurrect a Classic Speaker or Design a New System (Part 2): A Viable Solution to Speaker Sensitivity Problems
  • Build a Sound Level Meter and Spectrum Analyzer
  • Audio for Mobile Platforms: The New DAWs?: From Audiobus to Apple's Inter-App Audio
  • Designing for Ultra-Low THD+N (Part 2): Resistors and Capacitors
  • The Lowdown on Woofers, Subwoofers, and Bass Shakers (Part 2): Reinventing Low-Frequency Devices to Fit Compact Sizes
  • DIY Audio Appeals to Applications Engineer
  • The Oldest Tool in the Modern Acoustician's Toolbox
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