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audioXpress 2010 Back Issues on CD

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audioXpress 2010 Back Issues

January 2010

  • Editorial: A New Year
  • "The Sweet Spot"
  • "15 Watts per Channel for Less than $150"
  • "Borbely RIAA with Tubes Revisited"
  • "Burning Amp 2009"
  • "AC Filter...and Other Noisy Issues"
  • Tools & Techniques: The CableCaddy
  • Reliable Review: Comparing Speakers

February 2010

  • Audio Aid: Bridge to A Voltage Doubler
  • "Laminated MDF Three-Way Speaker System"
  • "A 25W OTL Tube Amplifier"
  • Reliable Review: Swans M3 Speaker
  • Reliable Review: Dayton T1503A Subwoofer
  • "AES Nuggets" (on CD only)
  • "A Low-Cost, High-End Music Server" (on CD only)

March 2010

  • "The 69 line"
  • "Personal Digital Recorders, Pt 1"
  • "Portable Tube Preamp"
  • "Synthesized Bass"
  • Reliable Review: DPA SMK 4050 Stereo Microphone Kit
  • "Preamp Muting Circuit" (on CD only)
  • "Power Supply Spreadsheet" (on CD only)

April 2010

  • "4D32 SE Power Amp"
  • "Stuffing and Sound Speed"
  • "Personal Digital Recorders, Pt 2"
  • Reliable Review: Lehmann Black Cube SE Phono Preamplifier
  • Reliable Review: PS Audio Power Plant Premier (on CD only)
  • "Making Better Circuit Cards" (on CD only)

May 2010

  • "Tang Band Full-Range System"
  • "Visiting Thailand's DIY Tube Enthusiasts"
  • "The Optimized SRPP Amp, Pt 1"
  • "Amplifier Comparison Using Oscilloscope Waveform Plots&quot
  • Reliable Review: TDL Technology's Tuneable Rumble Filter
  • "We Interview Nelson Pass" (on CD only)
  • Media Report: "Trials of Finding the Music" (on CD only)
  • Super Fidelity (on CD only)

June 2010

  • "A Three-Way Tri-Amp Center-Channel System"
  • "A Loudspeaker That Can Play Square Waves?"
  • "The Optimized SRPP Amp, Pt 2"
  • Reliable Review: Bryston BCD-1 CD Player
  • "New York AES 2009" (on CD only)
  • "That's Balanced Line Drivers and Receivers" (on CD only)
  • "Champagne Fidelity" (on CD only)
  • Jazz Track (on CD only)

July 2010

  • "The BTO"
  • "The Fire Stick Speakers"
  • "Designing for Everyone"
  • Book Review: Current-Driving of Loudspeakers
  • Reliable Review: Emotiva XPA-2 Power Amplifier
  • "Future Technological Workforce" (on CD only)
  • Super Fidelity (on CD only)
  • Audio on the Avenue (on CD only)
  • Media Report: "MS on Audio, Demos New & Old, Wall Wart Madness" (on CD only)

August 2010

  • "The Metz Preamp"
  • "A Continuous-Time Active Filter"
  • "A 50W Pure Triode Power Amplifier"
  • "A Tang Band 3 System"
  • "CES 2010-Changes Abound" (on CD only)
  • Reliable Review: OPPO BDP-83 Blu-Ray Disc Player (on CD only)
  • "Signal Current Loops & Power Supply Interaction" (on CD only)

September 2010

  • "The Mustang Speaker"
  • "Low-Frequency Horn Speaker"
  • "The Low Profile Tuba"
  • "A Subwoofer for the Reflection"
  • Reliable Review: OPPO BDP-83 Blu-Ray Disc Player Measurements (on CD only)
  • "Personal Digital Recorders, Pt 3" (on CD only)

October 2010

  • "The Brick"
  • "The Modern Homodyne"
  • "Eliminating Speaker Reflections with Digital Filters"
  • "Designing Enclosures with Sketchup"
  • Reliable Review: Jelco JL-45 Cueing Mechanism
  • "LM 12 Amplifier" (on CD only)
  • Audio on the Avenue (on CD only)
  • "Munich Hi-End Show" (on CD only)

November 2010

  • "A Push-Pull 7591 Power Amp"
  • "A Power Sine Generator for Turntables"
  • "Power Amp Kits for Beginners"
  • "The Split Load Phase Inverter Revisited"
  • Reliable Review: JBL LSR6325 Biamplified Studio Monitor
  • "Ground Loop Basics by Example" (on CD only)
  • "aX Visits A.J. van den Hul" (on CD only)
  • Reliable Review: Infinity C336 Speaker (on CD only)

December 2010

  • Editorial: "How Are We Doing?"
  • "A Dual 701 Turntable Tune-Up"
  • "All About Stroboscopes"
  • "Turntable Speed Control"
  • "The Wretched Excess AR Turntable Renovation, Pt 1"
  • "Vertical Blending"
  • Reliable Review: Oatley Electronics K272A Headphone Amp
  • "CEDIA 2010" (on CD only)
  • Media Report: "Try, Try Again" (on CD only)
  • aX Article Index (on CD only)
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