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audioXpress 2007 Back Issues on CD

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audioXpress 2007 Back Issues

January 2007

  • "A Combination Horn You Can Build"
  • "The Cathode Follower and Its Weaker Siblings"
  • "Grounding and System Interfacing"
  • "A Flexible Subwoofer Amplifier, Pt 1"
  • "A Unique Crossover Design with Waveform Fidelity"
  • "Low-Level Analog Switching"
  • Book Review: The Art of Linear Electronics

February 2007

  • "The Tuba HT"
  • "Transferring LPs to DVDs in High Resolution"
  • "How Loud Is Real?"
  • "A Wide-Range Audio Sweep Oscillator"
  • "aX Visits Indonesia's High-End Audiophiles"
  • "A Flexible Subwoofer Amplifier, Pt 2"
  • Product Review: Parasound Zamp V.3 Zone Amplifier
  • Book Review: High-Performance Loudspeakers
  • "The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest"

March 2007

  • "A Flexible Subwoofer Amplifier, Pt 3"
  • "Amplifier War and Peace"
  • "Speech Intelligibility, Pt 1"
  • "An Audio Isolation Box"
  • "TABAQ: Tang Band Quarter Wave"
  • "A Prototyping System for Passive Crossovers"
  • Product Review: Terk VF-1 TV Volume Regulator
  • Product Review: PNF Audio Cables
  • Special Report: "Audio in the Airport"

April 2007

  • Product Review: The Sound Strobe
  • "Sources 101: Audio Current Regulator Tests for High Performance, Pt 1: Basics of Operation"
  • "Building a Center Channel for an Altec A7-800"
  • "A Low-Noise Measurement Preamp"
  • "Speech Intelligibility, Pt 2"
  • "A Flexible Subwoofer Amplifier, Pt 4"
  • "Denoising a Vanilla Preamp"
  • Audio Aid: "Build This Six-Transistor Low-Noise MC Preamp"

May 2007

  • "Sources 101: Audio Current Regulator Tests for High Performance, Pt 2: Precise High Current/Voltage Operation"
  • "We Visit Mundorf"
  • "A Versatile Line Amp for Preamp, Headphone, and Power Use"
  • "Heathkit W-7M Rebuild"
  • Product Review: Tube Imp Mini Tester
  • "An Improved Method of Finding Vacuum Tube Model Parameters"
  • Audio Aid: "Greek Gifts: Amplifiers from Athens"
  • "Cakepan Chassis"
  • "Speech Intelligibility, Pt 3"
  • Product Review: Revue du Son Test CD Number 17

June 2007

  • "An A-B-I Switch"
  • "Radio Shack Sound Level Meter Characteristics"
  • Product Review: Monarchy Audio M24 DAC and Tube Line Amp
  • "Shunt Regulator: The Forgotten Circuit"
  • "Casting Replacement Parts"
  • Product Review: Three New Prototyping Boards
  • "Testing Amp Peak Power at the RMAF"
  • "Iso-Bass: A Subwoofer Isolation Transformer"
  • Audio Aid: "Build a Two-Transistor MC Step-Up"

July 2007

  • Editorial: "Music Inside the Brain"
  • "IC Preamp with Electronic Level and Selector"
  • "The Gamp"
  • "High End 120W MOSFET IC Driven Amp"
  • "MATAA: A Free Computer-Based Audio Analysis System"
  • Product Review: Hi-Fi Critic Magazine

August 2007

  • Guest Editorial: "The Silent Information Revolution";
  • "Analog Bass Control for Magnepans"
  • "Matteo: A 10W Integrated Amplifier"
  • "Tweaking the Passive Inverse RIAA Network"
  • "Calibration of the Hickok 539C Tester"
  • "Cascoding National's LM 12 for 140W"
  • "Optimum Stages for Minimal Distortion"

September 2007

  • "The LP 797 Ultra-Low Distortion Phono Preamp"
  • "Simple Approximations of Tube Anode Characteristics"
  • "The Kiss Bass Projects"
  • "The Tuba 24 II"
  • "More on the Sound Strobe"
  • "Solder Turrets"
  • Excerpt from A Brief History of Bendix Red Bank Tubes

October 2007

  • "A Hybrid Valve MOSFET SE Amp, Pt 1"
  • "Coil Clinic"
  • "Hideaway TL Sub Revisited"
  • "A Loudness-Compensated Level Control Stage"
  • "The Six Tee Nine Tube Amp"
  • "Sounds and Hearing, Pt 1"
  • Product Review: Monarchy Audio M24 DAC"
  • Audio Aid: "The Many Uses of a Hybrid Van Scoyoc Circuit"

November 2007

  • Editorial: "Paper vs. Screens?"
  • "A Mains Analyzer--How Clean Is Your Juice?, Pt 1"
  • "Frequency Delay Dispersion"
  • "A Single-Ended Class A Hybrid Amp, Pt 2"
  • "Sounds and Hearing, Pt 2"
  • "Intrinsic Fidelity Testing"
  • Product Review Update, Tube Imp
  • Audio Aid: "Build a New Tone-Control Circuit"
  • Classic Circuitry: Greek Style

December 2007

  • "An Excellent DIY Basshorn"
  • "A Home Theater Preamp"
  • "The 'Amplibass' Control"
  • "Testing Panasonic's WM-61A Mike Cartridge"
  • "A Mains Analyzer--How Clean Is Your Juice?, Pt 2"
  • 2007 Article/Author Index
  • "A Greek Baroque System"
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