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ADuC841 Microcontroller Design Manual

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In this book, Shlomo Engelberg presents a comprehensive guide to designing and programming with Analog Devices' ADuC841 microcontroller and other microcontrollers in the 8051 family. It begins with an introduction to microcontrollers from the 8051 family, proceeds to a set of introductory labs that detail how to use the most standard features of such microcontrollers, and includes a set of more advanced labs, many of which make use of features available only on the ADuC841 microcontroller. The more advanced labs include several projects that introduce you to analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, and their uses. Other projects demonstrate some of the many ways you can use a microcontroller to solve practical problems. The Keil μVision4 integrated development environment (IDE) is introduced early on, and it is used throughout the book. This book is perfect for a university classroom setting or for self-study. After completing the labs, you will have experienced the joys of microcontroller programming, you will know how to use microcontrollers from the 8051 family, and you will have gained experience using an industry-standard development environment and the tools it provides. 

Author: Shlomo Engelberg
ISBN: 9780963013347

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