Circuit Cellar 400 November 2023 (PDF)

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Issue #400

November 2023

Embedded Displays

4: Building a Holographic Persistence-of-Vision Display: Paint Light Into Ethereal Floating Images Using a Raspberry Pi Pico, By Michael Crum, Joseph Horwitz, and Rabail Makhdoom

12: Backend Web Development for MCU Clients: Part 2: Querying a Database in PHP, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico

22: RPiano: A Playable MIDI Synthesizer: On a Raspberry Pi Microcontroller, By Samiksha Hiranandani

30: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Embedded Displays, By Michael Lynes

38: DATASHEET: DC-DC Converters: From the Hyper-Small to the Far Out, By Sam Wallace

42: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Before Transistors: How Did They Do It Back Then?, By Brian Millier

52: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: How CHERI Helps Secure Your C/C++ Code: On an FPGA, By Colin O'Flynn

56: FROM THE BENCH: Cellular, The Forgotten Wi-Fi: Part 3: Using NoteCard, an Embedded Communications Module, By Jeff Bachiochi

71: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of RF Surveillance: Advancements in Drone RF Surveillance: Harnessing High Bandwidth and Wide Tuning Range Software-Defined Radios (SDRs), By Brandon Malatest

BONUS DIGITAL EDITION FEATURE ADDITION: Designing Combinational Circuitry: Employing Tiny Logic, By Wolfgang Matthes


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