Circuit Cellar 386 September 2022 (PDF)

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Issue #386

September 2022

Vehicle Solutions

6: Addressable RGB LEDs: A fast and Easy Way to Create Flexible RGB LED Lighting, By Joseph Corleto

12: Build a Play-Along Keyboard: Using a PIC32 Microcontroller, By Elias Hanna, Marek Chmielewski, and Matias Goldfeld

20: PIC32 Based Home Arcade: Solo and Arcade Mode Game Project, By Chuyue (Alga) Peng and Xiangyi Zhao

26: Advanced Metal Detector: A Traditional and Simplified Version, By Dev Gualtieri

32: A Comprehensive Introduction of TinyML (Part 3): Building a Home Security System with Face Recognition, By Dhairya Parikh

38: AroundSound: Digital Echolocation for the Visually Impaired, By Amulya Khurana, Krithik Ranjan & Aparajito Saha

44: Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: A Review, By Al Mahmud Al Mamun

50: Displays for Embedded Systems: Application-Specific Display Solutions, By Al Mahmud Al Mamun

54: DATASHEET: Open-Spec SBCs: A Bounty of Options

58: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Breaking the Loop with Fault Injection: A Simple Experiment on an Embedded System's Code, By Colin O'Flynn

62: Picking Up Mixed Signals: The Teensy Audio Station (Part 1): The Circuitry and Audio Library, By Brian Millier

69: From the Bench: It’s All HD Now: The Gameduino GDX3 Dazzler, By Jeff Bachiochi

78: Test Your EQ

79: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Autonomous Driving: Car Wars, By Ivana Delevska

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