Circuit Cellar 385 August 2022 (PDF)

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Issue #385
August 2022
Wearable Devices

  • 6: A Rubik’s Cube Solving Guide: Based on a PIC32 Microcontroller, By Alexander Drazic, Tushar Khan, and Myles Cherebin 

  • 12: Oscilloscope Music: Visualizing Sounds and Hearing Images, By Ruby Min, Samantha Cobado, and Eric Kahn

  • 20: An Executive Decision Maker, By Dev Gualtieri, Tikalon LLC

  • 23: Building a Drop-In Automotive HMI: Using a Raspberry Pi 4B, Power Delivery Module, and Touchscreen, By Walter Parsons, Tyrell Collins, and Dylan Davis

  • 28: Building A Tri-effect Guitar Pedal: Using a PIC32 MCU, By Kingsley Odae, Jade Pinkenburg, and Jake Sanders

  • 34: A Comprehensive Introduction of TinyML (Part 2): Adding Voice Control to existing Smart Home Systems, By Dhairya Parikh

  • 42: Innovations in Wearable Devices: With Smart Products and Wearables in Healthcare, By Al Mahmud Al Mamun

  • 48: FPGAs for AI and Machine Learning: Reconfigurable Chip for Embedded Solutions, By Al Mahmud Al Mamun

  • 54: Datasheet: Application-Specific MCUs: With the Functionality for Targeted Application Requirements, By Al Mahmud Al Mamun

  • 60: START TO FINISH Microcontroller Interrupts, By Stuart Ball

  • 66: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Debugging Embedded Real-Time Systems: Bugs that Bug Us, By Bob Japenga

  • 70: From the Bench: Build Quiz Game Based on Key Fob: Q&A Game Project with MEGA 2560 and Key Fobs, By Jeff Bachiochi

  • 75: Product News

  • 78: Test Your EQ 

  • 79: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of GPS Tracking: Managing Power Consumption: The Next Challenge in Miniature Tracker Designs, By Michael Castle



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