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Circuit Cellar 337 August 2018 (PDF)

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August 2018
PCB Design Tools

6: Build an Audio Response Light Display: Modern LEDs in Action, By Devlin Gualtieri
12: Murphy’s Laws in the DSP World (Part 2): The Next Three Laws, By Michael Smith, Mai Tanaka and Ehsan Shahrabi Farahani
28: Signature Analyzer Uses NXP MCU: Scope-Free Tester, By Brian Millier
36: Managing FPGA Design, Complexity: Easing IP Integration, By Bob Sgandurra
41: FPGA Solutions Evolve to Meet AI Needs: Brainy System ICs, By Jeff Child
46: MCUs and Processors Vie for Embedded Mindshare: Performance Push, By Jeff Child
50: Tiny Embedded Boards: Compact Computing, By Jeff Child
54: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Internet of Things Security (Part 4): The Power of Checklists, By Bob Japenga
58: THE DARKER SIDE: Pitfalls of Filtering Pulsed Signals: Waveform Woes, By Robert Lacoste
64: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Thermoelectric Cooling (Part 2): The Test Results, By George Novacek
68: FROM THE BENCH: Electronic Speed Control (Part 2): Building the Circuitry, By Jeff Bachiochi
74: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Cellular in the IoT: What 5G Means for the IoT’s Road Ahead, By Gil Ben-Dov

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