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Circuit Cellar 335 June 2018 (PDF)

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June 2018
PCB Design Tools

6: Build a Pixel-Covered Top Hat: Runs Python-Coded Animations, By Chris Cantrell
14: Murphy’s Laws in the DSP World (Part 1): First Six Laws Explained, By Michael Smith, Ehsan Shahrabi Farahani and Mai Tanaka
28: Gesture Recognition in a Boxing Glove: Sensors Packed in the Punch, By Blade Olson and Patrick Dillon
34: Processor Design Techniques and Optimizations: A Look Inside, By Nishant Mittal
40: PCB Design Tools Evolve to Next Level: More Smarts, Wider Scope, By Jeff Child
44: Sensor Technology Rides the IoT Wave: Built for Connected Use, By Jeff Child
48: AC-DC Power Supplies: Efficiency Improved, By Jeff Child
52: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Internet of Things Security (Part 3): Secure Processors, By Bob Japenga
58: THE DARKER SIDE: PCB Ground Planes: Rules Good, Bad and Ugly, By Robert Lacoste
62: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Aeronautical Communication Protocols: Where Reliability Rules,By George Novacek
66: FROM THE BENCH: Passive Infrared Sensors: Homing in on Heat, By Jeff Bachiochi
76: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of PCB Assembly: On-Demand Manufacturing Needs Data, By Duane Benson

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