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Circuit Cellar Issue 161 December 2003-PDF

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December 2003
Theme: Graphics & Video

Task Manager: Join the Discussion, by Jennifer Huber, 4.
New Product News, edited by John Gorsky, 8.
Generate Video Using Software Thread Integration, by Alex Dean, Shobbit Kanauija,& Benjamin Welch, 10
TV Oscilloscope, by Bruce Land, 20
Computer Graphics 101, by Chris Cantrell, 26
Short Solutions: Reinventing the NSM4005 LED Module, by Brian Millier, 34
Low-Cost Serial LCD: Convert a Discount LCD into a Serial ASCII Display, by Tom Napier, 36
Applied PCs: Easing into eZ80Acclaim!, by Fred Eady, 40
Above The Ground Plane: Multiplying, dividing, and Filtering, by Ed Nisley, 48
The PICAVRP: A Unique Programming Solution, Stuart Ball, 54
Implementing CANOpen: The Options, Olaf Pfeiffer, 62
From The Bench: Tabletop DMX Control, by Jeff Bachiochi, 70
Silicon Update: Spin Control, by Tom Cantrell, 76
Priority Interrupt: Ranting From Down Under , by Steve Ciarcia, 96.