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Circuit Cellar Issue 130 May 2001-PDF

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May 2001

Task Manager—Clear As Mud, by Rob Walker, 6.
New Product News, edited by Rick Prescott, 8.
Measurement and Sensing with the MPC565, by Andrew Lillie, 10.
The Yard-Stick, by David Penrose, 16.
Frequency Meter Metal Detector, by Andrei Chtchedrine & Yuri Kolokolov, 26.
Ultrasonic Anemometry Anyone?, by Gordon Dick, 30.
Applied PCs—Return of the SBC: Multitasking Applications with SBC-386EX-S, by Fred Eady, 40
DDS-GEN—Part 2: The Generator, by Robert Lacoste, 50.
Behavioral Plant Simulation for Testing a Control Algorithm, by Kenneth Baker, 60.
From the Bench—Taking a Cue from the Cat, by Jeff Bachiochi, 70.
Silicon Update—The Company Formerly Known As Scenix, by Tom Cantrell, 76.
Priority Interrupt—Watch Out for the Bears, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.