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Circuit Cellar Issue 121 August 2000-PDF

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August 2000

Task Manager—Coming Events, by Rob Walker, 6.
New Product News, edited by Harv Weiner, 8.
Reader I/O, 11.
Simplify Your Software Testing, by Jonathan Valvano, 12.
Look Ma, No PC!—A $55 Webcam, by Steve Freyder, David Helland, & Bruce Lightner, 20.
Anatomy Of a Compiler—A Retargetable ANSI-C Compiler, by Sandeep Dutta, 30.
The Joys Of Writing Software, by George Novacek, 36.
Who Needs Hardware?—Developing Without the Target, by Alan Harry, 58.
Count The Digits—Designing a Frequency Meter, by Tom Napier, 68.
From The Bench—Building on Familiar Ground, Part 1: Adding Analog to the 8051 Core, by Jeff Bachiochi, 74.
Silicon Update—We Ride the Waves, by Tom Cantrell, 78.
Priority Interrupt—First on the Block, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.
Nouveau PC, edited by Harv Weiner, 41.
Real-Time PC—Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems, Part 4: Debugging, by Ingo Cyliax, 43.
Applied PCs—Embedded Kiosk or Mission Impossible?, by Fred Eady, 49.