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Circuit Cellar Issue 033 April 1993-PDF

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April 1993

Editor’s INK—Take Up a Collection, by Ken Davidson, 2.
Reader’s INK, 6.
New Product News, 8.
Data Acquisition and Control With The HP-48SX, by John Wettroth, 14.
What Makes CVSD Tick?, by Jeff Schmoyer, 20.
Generate Digital Speech Using CVSD, by J. Conrad Hubert, 24.
Computer-Controlled Light Dimmers—Part 2: Filters, Snubbers, and Design Issues, by William von Novak, 32.
Firmware Furnace—Barnacles on the ISA Bus: Starting the ’386SX Development Card, by Ed Nisley, 42.
From the Bench—You Can Count On It, by Jeff Bachiochi, 54.
Silicon Update—RISC Faces Reality: And Reality Blinks, by Tom Cantrell, 62.
Embedded Techniques—Bring Your Vacuum Fluorescent Display to Life, by John Dybowski, 68.
Patent Talk, by Russ Reiss, 78.
ConnecTime—Excerpts from the Circuit Cellar BBS, conducted by Ken Davidson, 84.
Steve’s Own INK—Voice Recognition and Professional Reinvestment, by Steve Ciarcia, 96.

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