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audioXpress Issue May 2012

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May 2012
  • An Audiophile's Battery Tube Amp, By Robert Nance Dee
  • Vacuum Tube Home Theater System (Part 1), By Dr. Gregory L. Charvat
  • Repurposing Antique Radios as Tube Amplifers, By Bill Reeve
  • Audiophile Still Loves Tube Electronics, By Shannon Becker
  • SPEAKERS—"PARTS IS PARTS": Acoustical Qualities of Adhesive Joints and Cone Treatment, By Mike Klasco and Steve Tatarunis
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS: Hollow-State Power Amplifiers, By Richard Honeycutt
  • TEST BENCH: The Faital Pro HF104 Coupled with It's STH100 Horn, By Vance Dickason
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